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What We Do

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Scholarships have been awarded to the underprivileged children who live in the poverty-stricken areas of Cipinang, East Jakarta and also in Bedugul village, Bali. We provide funds to keep them in school until vocational or university education level. On top of that, Accor Indonesia has extended an open invitation for all of these children to work at any of our hotels following their graduation.

Nutrition Food Distribution


Happy children resulted from healthy children. Healthy children will perform better in academic performance.

To make sure the nutrition of our ATFAC children, we provide them with free lunches, Mondays to Fridays. Accor in Jakarta & Bali take turns to prepare and deliver the meals to the underprivileged kids. ATFAC also provides monthly basic necessities to some of these poverty-stricken families.

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Mentor Children Education

Accor Indonesia makes monitoring visits to the children and their families to obtain feedback and to assess their progress. Our coordinator meets parents and teachers monthly to check on the progress of the children, and a review occurs every quarter that looks into improving the program.

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Group Study


Mathematics is considered a difficult subject among students.  The Alumni of ATFAC took the initiative to make a study club on mathematics, to help the younger ones have a better understanding of the subject.  Math study together is one of the most favorite sessions in the Center.  

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English & Computer Course

English and computer classes have also been put together for underprivileged children in the Sanggars. Employees from Accor Hotels volunteer time and resources to teach a variety of these courses that cater to the different age groups and learning abilities. These complimentary classes are conducted regularly, at zero cost to the children.

Tutorial Program by Hotel & Corporate Office Talent


Every hotel having a foster child that needs to be taken care of in terms of their exposures to Accor Hotels product and knowledge, social capabilities and also to gain their confidence, in consequence to that the hotel is giving a Tutorial / educational trip for the foster children.

Traditional Dance & Music Course

As we know that Indonesia has a lot of Traditional Dance and Music, we want every children feel proud and confidence with their unique culture. We teach them Balinese dances, Gamelan, Kulintang, and other musical instrument to preserve Indonesian cultures. Teacher are from Hotel talents / alumnus.

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In order to provide jobs and changing the hotel waste into productive items, we produce the Eco friendly pen or we call it ECOPEN. The production of Ecopen is uniquely supported by Accor hotels in Indonesia from the tons of used paper weighed sold and recycled. The funds collected are then used to run workshops where the underprivileged children’s parents are employed to carefully produce these lovely pens with recyclable materials.

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