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Revamping ATFAC Sanggar Bedugul - Bali

On November 2019, Accor Bali - Lombok hotels embraced the spirit of Diversity & Inclusion at the Sanggar Bedugul - Yayasan Peduli Tunas Bangsa and were deeply involved in the Revamping of Sanggar Bedugul.

During the revamping, the Sanggar or Community Centre for children was fully repainted with the help of Accor Bali - Lombok leaders and staff also with the participation of the sponsored brand as well. They worked together with all the hotels to revamp Sanggar so it may further provide a well-maintained environment for the children.

The Sanggar is a Learning Center, which assists children with after-school learning throughout the year. The Sanggar is equipped with a study area, a playground, a dining room, and a rest area where the children can engage in their supported studies each day.

The total number of hotels participating from Accor Bali-Lombok were 25 hotels and enthusiastic members involved in the repainting were 120 persons. The event also renovated the facilities in Sanggar, featured an interactive games that helped brings joy and happiness for them.

These events are a routine program of Accor Bali - Lombok hotels from our Community and Social Responsibility programs. These range from supporting the community and blending cultural needs, also addressing gender equality and sourcing disabled talents to working across different generations. Overall, creating an environment that nurtures the diverse mix and which gets the mix to work well together.


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